About Us

The Power of XS. Our Culture. Our People.

XSInc is so much more than the software solutions we sell. The culture we have created is what drives every aspect of what we do. And you see our culture everywhere.

    • It is in how we designed our workspace – full of gathering places that look more like coffee shop lounges that foster teamwork and collaboration.
    • It is in how we talk to each other – challenging yet encouraging and respectful.
    • It is in the way we work with our clients – how we are personally invested in helping them succeed.
    • It is on our walls – the values that we strive to meet every day.

XSInc Values

Dream Big – Have the courage to take risk


We want our teammates to be unafraid to take risks and make mistakes. We believe if we aren’t making mistakes, then that means we’re not fostering innovation. We want everyone to stretch, think, invent, and get outside their comfort zone. This means that we will develop professionally and uncover talent we didn’t know we had.

Work Hard – Duty before fun


We are focused and serious about the operations of our business. We believe in working hard and going the extra mile to get things done. We believe in quality output, realizing that there is always room for improvement. This means that our work is never done. We continuously innovate as well as make incremental improvements to our products and processes to earn our clients’ business year after year.

Have Fun – Celebrate wins


We take our work seriously, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We know our work is important, but we can have fun while we’re doing it. We believe that humor, laughing, and engaging in fun activities together makes us a happier, closer team. Clients can sense our camaraderie and want to be part of it.

Play Fair – Integrity in all we do


It comes back to the basics – we treat each other and our clients the way that we want to be treated. We believe that there is never a reason to mislead a teammate or a client or to misuse information – no matter the business cost. Our clients can entrust us with confidential information because they know that we will protect it as if it were our own. We insist on integrity in all that we do.

Speak Out – Speak your mind with conviction, but respectfully


We want every teammate to feel comfortable speaking their mind. We can disagree, in fact, difference of thought is encouraged, but we do it with respect. If you have an idea, a question, a concern – let it be known. We believe that not every idea will be a winner, but by speaking out, you may be the catalyst for thought that allows a teammate to generate a great idea.

Stay Sharp – Always seek improvement


We want every teammate to be growing and learning. We believe that inside every teammate is more potential than they realize, and our goal is to unlock that potential. Our market is constantly changing, and that means we need to constantly adjust our skills to stay relevant and provide value to our clients. To attract new clients and keep our existing loyal ones we must be the experts at what we do. That means we invest in ourselves to ensure that we are constantly learning, adapting, and figuring things out.


Meet our Team

  • Paula

    The employees of XS are not just co-workers; we are one big family. We hold each other to high standards and work together to achieve the impossible. Then we take a step back and celebrate our successes!
  • Ray

    Until coming to XS I had never worked for a company where a principal owner and a manager were so engaged in their employees that they would commit to and train for a 100 mile mountain bike race that took us 15 hours. I love it here.
  • Kara

    At XS I feel genuinely appreciated and valued. It’s great to work with so many smart people who embrace the company’s core values daily.
  • Tommy

    I like working at XS because leadership values us and we value one another.
  • Jennifer

    I love working here.  Everyone I work with is interested and interesting; from the principals to the developers to the managers.  It’s a place where I feel like I matter.  This is not your run of the mill corporation!
  • Joe

    I am continually encouraged to excel and surrounded by teammates who strive to help each other reach their true potential.
  • Josh

    XS facilitates a culture that provides the perfect balance of Working Hard while also being sure to always Have Fun.
  • Ben

    XS has given me a great mix of autonomy and mentors to grow a young career.
  • Lance

    XS is a place where you get to work collaboratively with others that are at the top of their game and everyone has input.
  • Paola

    I like that XS fosters a sense of community.  I look forward to seeing brilliant minds strive to find a solution that brings the most value to all parties involved.
  • Greg

    We’re a community here at XS.  Everyone encourages you to Dream Big, and helps you become the best you can be both professionally and personally.
  • Pawel

    At XS, you will find plenty of guidance to cultivate your passions to their culmination.
  • Scott

    XS encourages it's employees to challenge themselves and think outside the box.  It is so refreshing to have the freedom and support to Speak Out and Dream Big!
  • Paul

    My favorite thing about XS is quality of the people I get to work with.  Not only are they gifted at what they do, they are enjoyable to be around.  I look forward to getting to the office each day.
  • Daryl

    It would be unfair to call what I do work. The culture here at XS is amazing. My XS family get the job done, support each other, and keep pushing the bar ever higher.
  • Alek

    It's always amazing that, even when things get hectic around the office, there are still so many people willing to take the time to help each other out in any way they can.
  • Tim

    Being a network engineer at XS has been the most rewarding time in my career.  The technology we use at XS is second-to-none which is a lot of fun to set up and configure.
  • Sam

    I've never seen a company work harder to develop their employees.  XS helps their employees make the best career and life decisions for themselves, even if its not in the company's short term interest.
  • Nick

    XS is the only company that I've worked for where everyone involved feels like a team from ownership out. It's good to know that you can count on others to help get the job done!
  • Missy

    There is nothing more enjoyable than working with a leadership team that treats each other with mutual respect, and puts the success of the company before their own successes.
  • Michael

    Over the past 7 years, I have recruited many of my friends to come work here because of how much XS values it's employees.  I cannot think of a better work environment than XS!
  • Mark

    XS has a terrific work environment and dedicated employees. People here work hard to help “Our Partners reach their Potential” and have fun doing it along the way.
  • Kyle

    What I love about our culture is that we do not look at employees as long term assets, instead we nurture and develop one another so that we all reach our potential.
  • Jill

    Our clients come to XS with the projects that are vital to their success.  It is amazing to be part of a company where everyone is so engaged in delivering an amazing solution each and every time.
  • Ian

    Working at XS feels like you are collaborating with your smartest and most supportive friends. I never feel like there is a challenge that cannot be conquered.
  • Dale

    In my 13 years at XSInc, I've seen so many talented and passionate people hired, then grow into roles that allow them to maximize their personal and professional potential.
  • Beth

    I feel so lucky to have found a company like XS.
  • Beth

    I see my job as a manager to support and lift people up to be their best.  Sometimes that means I set a bar higher; sometimes that means I throw a party.
  • Matt

    The best thing about XS is that it doesn't feel like a job. The people here aren't just coworkers, they're friends. There's not ever a day where I dread coming into work.
  • Katie

    It’s very refreshing to work for a company that values its employees just as much as its external customers. It really motivates you to do your best work and keep improving.
  • Becky

    I love it that the top guys that run our company are always accessible, ready to listen, and help.  That attitude permeates our entire organization.
  • Nick

    XS is a great company that actively encourages its employees to reach their fullest potential, and as part of that, maintains an environment of collaboration throughout the workplace.

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