XSInc Showcases AgVeritas among emerging Precision Ag Technologies at InfoAg Conference


XSInc Showcases AgVeritas among emerging Precision Ag Technologies at InfoAg Conference / Posted by

Last week, the XSInc team had the opportunity to participate in the InfoAg Conference in sunny St. Louis! This year’s event attracted a record breaking 1,400 registrants and focused on the top trending topics in precision agriculture. The opening session highlighted trends including mobile devices, data integration and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). These topics were also featured prominently throughout the class sessions and hands-on workshops, along with notable classes covering on-farm research, scouting apps and precision irrigation. While UAVs and wearable technology like Google Glass generated a lot of buzz, there were also many sessions and discussions about Big Data – ranging from data sharing and ownership to how data can best be utilized to help growers make more timely and… Read More



Teamwork at XS Makes a 12-Foot Wall Seem Not so Tall / Posted by

Have you ever been asked to climb a 12-foot wall? It’s a rather daunting view as you look up from where you stand to a destination high above. But what if you looked behind you and above you and saw countless outstretched hands, ready to lift you up…keep you from falling…and help you reach new heights? That’s what it’s like to be part of the XSInc team. We Dream Big, whether we’re in the office or out tackling the ropes challenge course at Bond Park during our annual Spring Outing. Graced with beautiful weather and daunted only by the “yellow cloud” of pollen that heralds Spring in North Carolina, XSers applied the power of teamwork throughout an afternoon of challenges… Read More



XS “Goes Bald” for Childhood Cancer Research / Posted by

It’s not every day that you get to watch your co-workers get a haircut, much less get their heads shaved bald in the company break room. But then again, this is XSInc – a company with a team that proudly exemplifies our values, including “Have Fun” and “Dream Big”. How big, you might ask? Big enough to partner with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation in their efforts to fund the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers. The XS team generated a tremendous amount of support for our fundraiser, exceeding the $5,000 goal and raising a total of $6,120 for childhood cancer research. Our fundraising efforts culminated with the head-shaving event. XS employees, family members and friends raised money and awareness for… Read More



In Memory of Darren Patterson – 1970-2013 / Posted by

I first met Darren in a job interview.  My job interview, to be precise.  I was nervous, fidgety.  My back straight.  I mentally reminded myself to make eye contact.  To smile.  To channel a confidence I didn’t feel.  Darren sat across from me in a pinstriped dress shirt and khaki pants.  His arms folded; he leaned back in his chair.  He was quiet for a moment… deep in thought.  I could tell he was gathering his words, preparing them for launch.  While he hesitated on his mental tarmac, I began to worry.  He looked displeased.  The corners of his mouth were turned down, his eyes deep pools of expectation.  His folded arms were apologizing for unfortunate news he had yet… Read More



Growing up with XS / Posted by

Time goes by so fast! I’ve been at XS eight years now, and they have flown by. While I sit here today and look back, I begin to see how my own personal growth as an employee and as an individual parallels the growth that XS has also experienced. In November 2004, I realized that college was nearing an end and that only meant one thing to me; finding a job where I could make money.  I had met the man of my dreams a year earlier, and I knew I wanted to marry him. However, I also knew I needed to prove to myself and others that I could have a real job and be my own adult before… Read More



Basics of SCRUM-Ban / Posted by

              What are the basics of SCRUM-ban? SCRUM-Ban is a combination of the terms SCRUM and Kanban. Kanban is Japanese and means Visual Card.   XSInc has adopted this project management approach on multiple projects and have found this works best for projects where the scope of work and/or priorities of work change on a frequent basis or projects that are primarily in a support or maintenance phase. Visualization of Workflow – A key component of SCRUM-ban is using a visual representation of the workflow and work items. The attached images show whiteboard and digital versions of a visual SCRUM-ban board we use here at XSInc Pull not Push – In traditional SCRUM a team is assigned… Read More



A Joy Unending / Posted by

As the frantic holiday chaos winds down, after the mysteries under the Christmas tree are revealed, and the cries of delight faded.   After guests pack up their bits and pieces of holiday cheer, slide into warm coats and with sad hearts exit the holiday into the waiting train of farewell.  Once the crinkled bits of paper are balled up and discarded, Santa takes his holiday, fading into the brightly lit background of a life deferred.    As the quiet peace of an idle afternoon settles in, the children revel in their lingering freedom and the adults reflect on the absence of noise. When I was a child, the holiday season was one of idyllic joy.  It was nearly unrealistic in its… Read More



Slim Down, Bulk Up, or Just Feel Better / Posted by

Anyone who has ever worked in an office environment understands “The 2:00 P.M. Crash”. Maybe you were out with friends a little too late last night, or you stayed up streaming episodes of your favorite television series. Perhaps your newborn decided he or she was hungry in the middle of the night, or your spouse ran out of Breathe Right strips the night before. Maybe, by some small miracle, you even caught nine hours of uninterrupted sleep, but once the clock hits that magical afternoon number, your eyes start feeling heavy. (My eyes are drooping now just writing this.) There is really only one solution to this epidemic that works for me. My solution is called exercise, and XS makes… Read More



A Thankful Wish / Posted by

The air is crisp and biting, the sky a river of blue.  The trees have donned their autumn finest – great gowns of gold, russet, orange and red dot the landscape, glinting bright in the Indian summer sun.  A cold breeze blows from the north, bringing promises of cozy, hot cocoa-cupped winter evenings before a roaring fire.  The leaves rustle and gossip in the air, speaking of moments past, of lives lived.  They whisper their secrets in stolen moments between breaths, waiting for a final curtain call, and ending in great, bristling piles – sweet temptation for the child in all of us. We dig out our woolen hats, and our gloves.  We pull on our boots and wrap our… Read More



My Coworkers Are My Friends / Posted by

I have a dirty little secret.  I’m an introvert by nature.  My wife would certainly disagree, as would most of my fellow XS coworkers, but it’s true.  When I’m left to my own devices I tend to wander off and get lost in my thoughts.  I can spend all day on the weekends without ever speaking a word to anyone else.  When I’m with my family and my friends I engage with them naturally.  Why don’t my coworkers know I am introverted by nature?  Because they are my friends.   We have six Core Values that we live by at XS.  They are Dream Big, Work Hard, Play Fair, Speak Out, Stay Sharp, and Have Fun.  Have Fun is the… Read More


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