Targeted analysis for more accurate results. Actionable data for confident decision-making.

Growers know that every field is unique. Help them get the most out of each field by uncovering what’s really driving yield variability on every acre. AgVeritas simultaneously analyzes multiple field characteristics and management practices to determine the key performance drivers for yield and profitability at precise locations on their fields.


Fast, Accurate Analysis
Get highly detailed and targeted statistical analysis of yield data within 24-hours.

Intuitive Results 
Easily see which factors and management practices have the most impact on yield with detailed maps, graphs, and charts.

Trial Assessment
More accurately measure the effectiveness of on-farm trials by accounting for multiple factors that impact field variability.

Field Diagnostics
Examine targeted areas to identify which variables (including spatial effects) have the greatest impact on yield relative to each other, collecting an initial baseline and tracking performance on every acre over time.

Explanatory Power
Determine what percentage of yield variability is explained by known factors in the analysis, and consider additional variables for future evaluation and comparison.

Increase Efficiency
Determine if and where different practices can be profitably applied on each field and where to invest inputs and resources.

Easy Data Import
Upload standard file formats for application, planting, yield and other data, regardless of the type of equipment or field management software you use.

Mobile Access
View results from anywhere with Internet access, 24/7 on your tablet or computer.

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