PowerSuite® for Buying Groups

Provide more value for your members by acting more effectively on their behalf.

Become a more effective ambassador for your members by having a view of individual member purchases as well as total group product purchases, calculating inventory on hand, and forecasting product needs by supplier. Reduce the burden on your members by reporting member sales to suppliers according to supplier report formats.


Have all your member point-of-sale data in one place.  No need to pull from multiple databases to get a view of members’ sales, inventory, and forecasts.  Our data collecting, cleaning, and integration functions do all the work to instantly serve up quality information in a way you can use it.

All you need is a laptop and an internet connection, and you have 24/7 access to member data anywhere you are.

Simply select your criteria, and easy-to-understand reports will be generated any way you want to see them.

Look at year-over-year comparisons or time intervals that you specify to see sales trends by member, by product, or by supplier.

Stronger Negotiating
Have a more informed discussion with your members’ suppliers by knowing sales and volume trends and having a total view of forecasted product demand by supplier.

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