PowerSuite® for Manufacturers

Put yourself in the driver's seat with instant access to retailer and grower sales data.

Get the total view of your product sales and the ability to analyze your organization's performance at multiple levels - from wholesaler to retailer to grower - with PowerSuite® for Manufacturers. Take point of sale data and turn it into business intelligence that helps you evaluate sales performance and influence client behavior.


Have all your retailer point-of-sale data, your wholesaler sales data, and retailer product purchases in one place.  No need to pull from multiple databases to get an informed view of your sales landscape.  Our data collecting, cleaning and integration functions do all the work to instantly serve up quality information in a way you can use it.

All you need is a laptop and an internet connection, and you have 24/7 access to member data anywhere you are.

Simply select your criteria, and easy-to-understand reports will be generated any way you want to see them.

Look at year-over-year comparisons or time intervals that you specify, to see sales trends by product, by retailer, by wholesaler, by grower, by location, or by sales rep.

End User Sales Transparency
You know what you sold to your direct customers, but now you can see which end users are buying your product through the retail channel.  Use this information to develop campaigns and promotions that change or reinforce behavior.

Stronger Negotiating
Have a more informed discussion with your wholesalers and retailers by knowing how close they are to meeting targets, and how their sales of supplier’s products have changed.

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