Production Planner

The Who, What, When, Where and How Much of contracted production.

Production Planner™ is a comprehensive software application for efficiently managing a contract production program – the entire workflow - from the planning stage all the way to product delivery and settlement. It provides a degree of precision, efficiency, and visibility that was previously unavailable.

With real-time information at your fingertips – the who, what, when, where and how much - Production Planner lets you take control of your grower production program.


Workflow Management
Use Production Planner™ to capture your plan for what crops need to be grown where, in what time frame, under whose management to ensure supply is optimized to meet demand. Then efficiently manage every step of your program all the way to harvest and storage, with automatic alerts when deadlines are approaching, thresholds are passed, and information is needed or added.

Contract Management
With Production Planner™, your contracted acreage and production estimates are up-to-date and include your most recently completed contracts. Ensure that production seed is only delivered to growers that have signed contracts. Efficiently edit and amend contractual agreements electronically so that all agreed parameters are immediately part of the reporting and tracking.

Production Planner™ lets you capture all the data about a given farm operation in one place. You are able to access information such as acreage, field coordinates, soil type, storage capacity, historical average yield, the most recent current year production estimates, and more from any computer with an internet connection.

Process Control
Production Planner™ gives you real control over a very complex process. Manage information and activities across a large number of information contributors/users: growers, dealers, buyers’ field personnel, input suppliers, independent delivery locations, and internal departments. Measure ongoing results (e.g., planting date, mid-season estimated yield) and enforce compliance with key stewardship or processing requirements.

Purchasing Optimization
Production Planner™ allows you to make final purchasing decisions based on the most current view of yield and demand, costs-of-goods from each source, and contractual obligations. Optimize purchasing decisions within contract constraints when supply and demand outlooks are in flux.

Real-Time Visibility
Production Planner™ provides you real-time visibility of your entire production program including planting status, results of the latest field visits, latest estimated yield, all the way to weight ticket or delivery status results. Incorporate the latest results via electronic feeds from all delivery points and share information across your organization.

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