Precision Agriculture



When a seed, chemical, or technique truly works better under certain conditions, you and the grower both want to know that. The challenge is to have confidence that your data is relevant for that field, but trials of that scale have previously been impractical.

AgVeritas sorts through in-field variability to deliver high confidence answers from on-farm comparisons. Every yield point in a field is compared with its neighbors, resulting in literally thousands of head-to-head comparisons in a single field. This means that yield data from on-farm comparisons can now be as statistically accurate as replicated, small block trials.

Grower Production Management

Production Planner


Production Planner is a comprehensive system for efficiently managing a grower production program, from the planning stage to product delivery and settlement.

Historically, administering a complex contract production program was costly and time consuming. Producer manages these challenges, saving time and money for those buyers who have been doing it the old fashioned way, and making programs possible for those buyers who have been stymied by the complexity or cost of such a program.