EZTrak® for Retailers

Market intelligence when you need it... at No Cost to you.

Data Import
EZTrak® accepts various file formats so that you can easily upload your point-of-sale data regardless of what accounting software you use.

Data Security
EZTrak® is a secure SSL web application so you can rest easy knowing your data is safe. Your data is stored on our highly secured dedicated server farm with 24/7 monitoring and an active intrusion detection system.

Executive Summary
You will receive quarterly executive summaries that display your sales vs. the market by category for your top ten suppliers as well as your top ten selling products.

Intuitive Charts and Graphs
View results at a glance in graphs and charts that make it easy to compare pricing, growth, or market share reports.

Multiple Report Types

Price Reports
Pricing reports display average selling prices of products or product groups within a geographic area and date range that you define allowing you to see how your price compares to the industry average.

Growth Reports
Growth reports compare product or product group sales in the current season with historical averages or prior year’s sales.

Market Share Reports
Market share reports allow you to view the relative market size of products compared to each other and see what share of the market each manufacturer has.

Price Basis
You have the option to run reports per pound of active ingredient for single active ingredient products.

Save and E-mail Options
All reports can be saved and/or e-mailed to you instantly. You may also share reports with others at your company or schedule reports to be automatically delivered to your inbox on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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